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15.12.2021: 4 Years for Black Bull 09.12.2021: B-day Pang to Freedom Bar
08.12.2021: B-day Nui to Schlusslight Restaurant 07.12.2021: B-day Max to Midnight Bar
28.11.2021: B-day Leirife 19.11.2021: B-day Susy to E-Dum Bar
13.11.2021: B-day Vivi to Vi-Vi resort 12.11.2021: B-day Arisa to Arisa Bar
29.10.2021: B-day Dada to The City Bar 14.10.2021: B-day Magnum to Midnight Bar
07.10.2021: B-day Colin to Arisa Bar 30.03.2021: B-day Popeye to Freedom Bar
30.03.2021: B-day Hans to Arisa Bar 19.03.2021: 3 Years for the Moonlight Bar
13.03.2021: B-day Coffee to Midnight Bar 10.03.2021: Opening of the City Bar
09.03.2021: B-day Ole to Maytanee Bar 27.02.2021: B-day Nit (friend Visa) to Jelly Nuts 2
15.02.2021: B-day Lin to Arisa Bar 09.02.2021: B-day Wan to Tamarind Bar
06.02.2021: B-day Rung to Freedom Bar 01.02.2021: 2 Years for Apple Bar
31.01.2021: B-day Nok to Arisa Bar 29.01.2021: B-day Meena to Midnight Bar
21.01.2021: 8 Years for the Maytanee Bar 20.01.2021: B-day Timmy to Viking
06.01.2021: B-day Sally to Tamarind Bar 05.01.2021: B-day Paul and Jiranan to Jelly Nuts 2
27.12.2020: B-day Nanny to Nanny Bar 16.12.2020: B-day Daw to Spot Bar
15.12.2020: B-day Cherry to Arisa Bar 04.12.2020: B-day Max to The Midnight Bar
26.11.2020: B-day Flúkh to The Queen Bar 18.11.2020: 6 Years Open for the Viking
06.11.2020: B-day Bell to Tamarind Bar 01.11.2020: B-day Gea to Ya-Ya Bar
24.10.2020: B-day Minnie to Eleven Bar 23.10.2020: B-day Fah to Maytanee Bar
22.10.2020: B-day Stefano and 7 Years Opening to Colombo Bar 21.10.2020: 5 Years together to Viking
10.10.2020: B-day Magnum to The Midnight Bar 08.10.2020: B-day Jubjang to Susie Bar
13.09.2020: B-day Mona to Maytanee Bar 12.09.2020: B-day Daw to Viking
21.08.2020: B-day Mauy to Freedom Bar 28.06.2020: Casa-Nova re-Opening
29.01.2020: B-day Peter to Pita Bar 18.01.2020: B-day Timmy to Viking
07.12.2019: 4 Years for the Viking 27.11.2019: B-day Marco to Plaza Viva
15.11.2019: B-day Silinya to Maytanee Bar 12.11.2019: B-day Bua to Sabai Bar
06.11.2019: B-day Dave to Viking 29.10.2019: B-day Jiggi to Masaya
24.10.2019: B-day Minney to The Cosmopolitans 19.10.2019: B-day Stefano to Colombo Bar
12.10.2019: B-day Jubjaeng and Yoyo to Susie Bar 10.08.2019: Kung and Denis Weding to Vijitt Resort
03.08.2019: B-day Ben to Viking 29.06.2019: B-day Nana to Apple Bar
11.06.2019: B-day Da to Viking 24.05.2019: B-day Poolom and Ning to Poolom Bar
15.05.2019: B-day Pu Pu to Pita Bar 03.05.2019: B-day Nit to Colombo Bar
01.05.2019: 2 Years for the Baroque 27.04.2019: B-day Dutch King to Viking
24.04.2019: B-day Moo and Koki to Viking 09.03.2019: B-day May to May Bar
05.03.2019: B-day Lotus to Masaya Bar 07.02.2019: B-day Yaya to Freedom Bar
24.01.2019: B-day Saeb to Baroque Bar 18.01.2019: B-day Timmy to Viking
12.01.2019: 3 Years for Le Pasha 11.01.2019: B-day Jo to Lotus Bleu
29.12.2018: B-day Ding to Pita Bar 27.12.2018: B-day Kwang and Noy to Baroque Bar
21.12.2018: Friendship Party to Viking Bar 12.12.2018: B-day New Beer to Maytanee Bar
08.12.2018: B-day Pang to Baroque Bar 06.11.2018: 6 Years for Maytanee Bar
01.11.2018: B-day Kan to White Hart Bar 20.10.2018: B-day Stefano to Colombo Bar
15.10.2018: B-day Kai to Larva Bar 14.10.2018: B-day Pierre to Le Pasha
11.10.2018: B-day Muay to Baroque Bar 19.09.2018: B-day Mona to Maytanee Bar
12.09.2018: B-day Jum to Maytanee Bar 01.09.2018: B-day Chalida to Maytanee Bar
25.08.2018: B-day Oye to Le Pasha 18.08.2018: B-day Aum to Pita Bar
19.07.2018: B-day Linda to Amie Zone 17.07.2018: B-day Jean-Luc to Viking Bar
15.07.2018: B-day Shampoo to Fish Bar 15.06.2018: B-day Da at Viking
07.06.2018: B-day Noon at Colombo Bar 25.05.2018: B-day Poolom to Poolom Bar
18.05.2018: B-day Chai to Pita Bar 15.05.2018: B-day Lionel to Maytanee Bar
05.05.2018: B-day Nit to Colombo Bar 04.05.2018: 1 Year for the Baroque Bar
01.05.2018: 2 Years for the Penthouse Bar 27.04.2018: Amie-Zone Bar Grand Opening
26.04.2018: 4th Season Presentation Night to Freedom Bar 18.03.2018: B-day Aor to Maytanee Bar
28.02.2018: B-day Amie to The Roses 14.02.2018: Valentines day to Viking
25.01.2018: 2 Years for Le Pasha 24.01.2018: B-day Seb to Baroque Bar
18.01.2018: B-day Timmy to Viking 09.01.2018: Orange Bar, 1 Year opening and B-day Nid
02.01.2018: B-day Gea to The Roses Bar 28.12.2017: B-day Kwang to Baroque
22.12.2017: B-day Thip to Maytanee Bar 13.12.2017: B-day New Beer to Maytanee Bar
08.12.2017: B-day Pang to Baroqque 03.12.2017: B-day Maytanee to her Bar
29.11.2017: The Viking, 2 Years Opening 23.11.2017: B-day อ้อ to Colombo Bar
20.11.2017: B-day Ringo to Maytanee 08.11.2017: B-day Minnie Zaza to Susie Bar
04.11.2017: B-day Stefano to Colombo Bar 02.11.2017: B-day Eye to Maytanee
31.10.2017: B-day Jikky and Halloween to Penthouse 08.10.2017: B-day Jubjaeng to Susie Bar
07.10.2017: B-day Pui to Maytanee 12.09.2017: B-day Jum to Maytanee
10.09.2017: B-day Nid to Viking 16.08.2017: B-day Frank to Viking
06.08.2017: B-day Kevin to Baroque Bar 19.07.2017: B-day Visa to Chill Bar
15.07.2017: B-day Jean-Luc to Le Pasha 10.06.2017: B-day Da to Viking Bar
05.05.2017: B-day Nit to Colombo Bar 24.02.2017: B-day Party to Maytanee
24.01.2017: B-day Men to Maytanee 18.01.2017: B-day Timmy to Viking
11.01.2017: Le Pasha, 1 Year Open 09.01.2017: 11th Season Presentation Night
16.12.2016: Re-Opening Sports Bar 03.12.2016: B-day Maytanee
25.11.2016: Viking Bar celebrates 1 year 19.11.2016: B-day Stefano to Colombo Bar
12.10.2016: B-day Gea to The Future Bar 08.10.2016: Colombo Bar celebrates 3 years
06.10.2016: B-day Sweetie Dear to The Future Bar 03.10.2016: B-day Bee to Baroque Bar
29.09.2016: Low Season Funeral to Viking Bar 17.09.2016: B-day Tommy to May Bar
10.09.2016: B-day Sandrine to Viking Bar 10.09.2016: B-day Antoni
09.09.2016: B-day Ploi and Tik to Futur Bar 15.07.2016: B-day Jean-Luc to Le Pasha
09.07.2016: B-day Peter to Viking 04.07.2016: B-day Ketsiri Wongchompoo to Baroque
19.06.2016: B-day Aom to Baroque 16.06.2016: B-day Shirley to Maytanee Bar
11.06.2016: B-day Da to Viking 04.06.2016: Disco Party to Viking
24.05.2016: B-day Poolom 16.05.2016: 10th Season Presentation Night
27.03.2016: Wedding Weaw and Leif 22.03.2016: ​Song Bangprathum to Viking Bar
15.03.2016: B-day Steve to Friendship Beach 09.03.2016: B-day Dada to Maytanee Bar
08.03.2016: B-day Ice to Future Bar 08.03.2016: B-day Poo to Baroque Bar
28.02.2016: B-day Fern to Maytanee Bar 26.01.2016: Friendly buffet at The Pasha
09.01.2016: Grand Opening of the Casablanca 22.12.2015: B-day Namthip to Maytanee Bar
19.12.2015: Grand Opening of The Future Bar 14.12.2015: Grand Opening of the Viking Bar
13.12.2015: B-day New Beer to Maytanee Bar 11.12.2015: B-day Kung to Future Bar
04.12.2015: B-day Philippe to Viking Bar 23.11.2015: B-day เรื่องขี้หมา ดราม่าสุดๆๆ
31.10.2015: Halloween to Rawai 24.10.2015: B-day Stefano to Colombo Bar
16.10.2015: B-day Lizza to Big Apple Bar 12.10.2015: B-day Kae
10.10.2015: Colombo Bar celebrates 2 years 21.09.2015: 9th Season Presentation Night
19.09.2015: Italian Party #2 to Baroque 18.09.2015: B-day Vasiliy to eXo Bar
17.09.2015: B-day Tommy and Monao 12.09.2015: B-day Antoni to Deep Bar
22.08.2015: 5th anniversary of the Deep Bar 19.08.2015: Riccardo's Birthday Party
29.07.2015: B-day Jacopo 21.07.2015: Belgian National Day to Deep Bar
15.07.2015: B-day Jean-Luc 30.06.2015: B-day Jenny
26.06.2015: B-day Valerie to Play Boy Bar 19.06.2015: B-day Aom to Baroque Bar
24.05.2015: Poolom's Birthday Party 14.05.2015: Grand opening of the Poolom Bar
05.05.2015: B-day Nit to Colombo Bar 01.05.2015: B-day Kan to Q Bar
22.03.2015: 6th Boat Party 08.03.2015: B-day May to May Bar
03.03.2015: B-day Gan and starting Mink 02.03.2015: B-day Ying to Deep Bar
01.03.2015: B-day Ice to Deep Bar 31.01.2015: B-day Nokki to BARoque
28.01.2015: 5th Boat Party 08.01.2015: A delicious BBQ Party
31.12.2014: New Year's party in Plazas Laguna. 24.12.2014: My Birthday Party to Colombo Bar
12.12.2014: B-day Kung to Deep Bar 28.11.2014: Grand opening of the BARoque
26.11.2014: Play Boy on the water 20.11.2014: B-day Palmmy to Deep Bar
19.11.2014: B-day Tery to Barfly 08.11.2014: B-day of Stéphane and Lilly
31.10.2014: Halloween in some bars to Rawai 28.10.2014: Show Cabaret Simon at Ono Bar
24.10.2014: Farewell Party of Ying 24.10.2014: B-day Menney
22.10.2014: B-day Stefano and Alan 21.10.2014: B-day of Pao
12.10.2014: Black and Mask for Kae 07.10.2014: B-day of Richard
02.10.2014: Big Opening of the Grid Racing 17.09.2014: B-days of Tommy and Tata
14.09.2014: B-day of Noy 10.09.2014: 4 years of the Deep Bar
04.09.2014: B-day of Milan 28.08.2014: Lipstick party for the B-day of Apple
23.08.2014: B-day of Jean-Pierre 03.08.2014: Deep Bar at Pool
15.07.2014: Birthday Party of Jean-Luc 05.07.2014: Birthday Party Mink
07.06.2014: Birthday Party Art and Noon 07.06.2014: Birthday Party Nathon
18.05.2014: 1st Ibiza BBQ Party 2014 22.03.2014: 4th Boat Party 2014
02.03.2014: 3rd Boat Party 2014 26.01.2014: Love Boat Party 2014
26.10.2013: B-Day of Stefano 15.10.2013: B-Day of Kae
12.05.2013: Coyote Party 12.04.2013: Love Boat Party

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B-day Nit (friend Visa) B-day Nit (friend Visa)